[MV] Kei(러블리즈), JOOHONEY(주헌(몬스타엑스)) _ Ride Or Die (Run On(런 온) OST Part.2)

Publicado em 28 Dez 2020
[MV] Kei(러블리즈), JOOHONEY(주헌(몬스타엑스)) _ Ride Or Die (Run On(런 온) OST Part.2)

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  • their voices blend together so well!!! love this ost track

  • Joohoney combina bien en cada canción que lo pongas, Es Realmente el Mejor Rapero...

  • Because of this ost ill gonna watch the drama

  • Jooheon best rapper!!

  • Jooheon is a KING of rapper for real

  • Aaaahhhhh, amei 😍😍😍

  • they really did a great job

  • 노래 좋다 임시완존잘

  • I love kei #Lovelyz

  • Beautiful ost!

  • I heard this song and just knew that it was Jooheon's voice. This song is perfectly balanced!

  • I decided to watch this and Oml the actors are so amazing I love the female characters and everyone , but wen I heard this ost play I literally lost my mind and started crying wen I heard joohoney voice :) sarangheo heeheeee

  • This song is so good. Joohoney is just the best

  • Nice

  • Kei and Joohoney❤️ Such a beautiful ost, ❤️

  • Joohoney king of OST

  • Its a beautiful song ..Joohoney 😍

  • 주허니 의 소리 진짜 잘했어요 너무좋아💙💙🐝

  • joohoney perfact man .


  • In episoe 10, do anyone know the song when mijoo and seulgyeom speak each other formally?










  • I love this song

  • Grandiosa interpretación de Joohoney

  • Hermosa voz de Joohoney

  • Kei voice is so sweet & angelic.I really love her voice.


  • 프리스타일 곡 리메이크했던거 생각난다.. 이런 곡 진짜 찰떡이야

  • This drama ost is quite good !! 😘

  • 아니 둘 조합 뭔데ㅜㅜㅡㅠㅠ 내 걸그룹 차애랑 보이그룹 최애

  • Just heard it on episode 9 I started screaming.

  • 진심 이런 노래 너무 좋다 여자 목소리 섞이고 남자 목소리에 랩 같은거.. 💞💕

  • fighting Kei! Joohoney we love you soooo much from earth to the moon

  • mi bebé, honey eres arte!

  • Todos los dias escuchando esta canción ♡ Joohoney ♡

  • راب جوهون من غيره الاغنية مالها طعم احس😫♥️♥️♥️

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏

  • Idk if it just me but the male lead for me reminds me of my own depressed state. In a way, I can see glimpse of myself when I was in that state. Not exactly like him cause I am not super rich and super attractive or really skillful at a spesific career but his demeanor, his defeated look and his wish to feel better just hit close to home

  • Soo good song

  • 주허니목소리치인다♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Pretty good. Marvelous

  • This is a good collaboration.

  • Kei and Joohoney really wonderful together

  • Kei has such a magical voice, I love her!

  • KEI and HONEY's voices are the best combination, she sings like an angel and he raps like a god

  • Luv u

  • Wow joohoney

  • I love it

  • Wow


  • This is so beautiful round applause too Jooheon and Kei. Been fall in love with the ost uwu

  • Me encanta ♡

  • Kei's voice and Joohoney's rap combination is to good together. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • This is a good collaboration. I love Kei, my amazing Lovelyz bias. 😍

  • whoever thought of jooheon x kei collab needs a raise. they slayed!!!

  • Joohoney tiene una voz muy versátil. La canción es estupenda.

  • Seteah denger lagu ini kok baper dengan liriknya Joohoney, ternyata dibalik tampilan sangarnya, seorang Joohoney bisa nge rap se sweet ini ya Allah langsung masuk playlist favorit dong sumpah suka banget ...

  • jooheon best rapper

  • Qué hermosa canción🥺 El impecable rap de Joohoney combina tan bien con la dulce voz de Kei, los amo💞

  • honey is soooo good

  • wonderful OST ♡

  • jooheon, congrats on beingso talented

  • I've been listening to this song all the time ever since it's come out. It's such a stunning OST.

  • lee jooheon is really an artist.

  • Ending song of episode 3... wahhh I had to search it up real quick before continuing because I’ve never heard her before... DAEBAKKK 🥺🔥 and ofc Jooheon 🔥❤️

  • This seems like a good drama. Feel like wanna watch

  • brdown.net/top/lKrblbjRnn1wfKg/video

  • Joohoney es un artista muy preparado y se merece todo lo bueno que le pase

  • Gran voz de Joohoney.

  • amazing singers and song , drama is a masterpiece to me. love the couple so much..

  • I found the racist comments in the script very offensive. Don't bother in whating this show due the script is terribly weak and story plot is completely confusing. I feel sorry for the actors

  • I like the serie, I like the duo, Joohoney and Kei are giving us a really sweet song. Perfect.

  • Fall in love with this song when i watch the ending of ep4 😍

  • I hope people can give more ost to Jooheon & Kei

  • imma slay imma chill imma kill😭🔥🔥

  • 드라마도 너무 재밌는데 ost도 너무 좋아😍❤️

  • 저는 한국인이고 OST를 많이 듣지 않는데 이번 OST가 완벽하고 처음 들었을 때 매우 흥미가있었어요. 이 OST는 정말 너무 좋아요.!! 저는이 두 가수의 콤바인을 정말 좋아했어 👏


  • this is a perfect ost

  • Joohoney and this song are amazing his part is... the 2 blend perfectly! I love the song, the beat and I love the series!!

  • re buen ost la verdad

  • ♡♡♡

  • Hope they Will sing this Ost. On the stage

  • Joohoney, Gran trabajo. Espectacular Interpretaciòn.

  • Crystal clear voice kim jiyeon😍

  • JOOHEON king 👑

  • Kei & Joohoney 10/10 collab

  • someone know where it’s aired?

    • @Kelsey MonbebeTN yep I think so :/

    • @solve soul the first 8 episodes are available now. If you can't find it, may not be available in your area yet

    • @Kelsey MonbebeTN ah ok thanks! cause I couldn’t find it anywhere even in the upcoming shows. Perhaps do you know when?

    • Netflix

  • Joohoney perfecto


  • Sorry to be honest, I like the girl voice, but I skip on the Rap part. It didn't match, everytime he sang I imagine how he spit on the mic. also this is my firstime hearing rap at OST so maybe Im saying this because I'm not used to it.