[MV] VICTON(빅톤) _ What I Said

Publicado em 11 Jan 2021
[MV] VICTON(빅톤) _ What I Said
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  • This comeback deserves a win! Their presence and vocals are unbelievable! I've been listening to kpop songs since 2012 ! And I believe VICTON songs needs to be on those on top-tier on music industry! This song song deserves to go on viral! It's amazingly well-done!

    • @gamelittle yes! exactly! And i wont never get tired speaking to this songand streaming here over and over again

    • We have to work hard spreading so more people can get to listen to them

  • 3:30 »>

  • I hear this song and thann i love it :)

  • Hey my fellow alices! Later when the comeback stage is release in mubeat app, don't forget to watch it and watch all victon videos to increase victon's rank on gaon social chart

  • Seungwoo(^_-)-☆ Victon(๑'ᴗ'๑) Fighting♬♡

  • I won't give up on Victon, even if the numbers aren't that good ... Victon doesn't raise the weak Alice ...

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  • alices! plz look at this😭 we have to vote on idol champ app for win. it is till today!! we are losing... 1. Download the Idol Champ App 2. Sign in and click Vote 3. Click the Show Champion Vote button 4. Tap hearts on VICTON (3 times possible)

  • Fighting!! Alices

  • 9/10

  • Victon is not a freezer, youtube. Stop freezing the views!

  • Me gustó su canción se me ceda pagada jjajajaj like si te gustó la canción

  • Woooow

  • Never not gonna stan for good vocals

  • This song is amazing, but don't forget to listen to the other songs of the album. In my opinion, Unpredictable and Flip a Coin are masterpieces.

  • Yes Victon!

  • Hanse de cabolo preso, ai mdsss. como superrar isso????

  • The move when Seungwoo's part meow meow ireojinikka is so cool!!


  • Victon(´▽`)ノ Fighting♪♡

  • Me encantó la canción tiene ritmo que a uno lo pone ganas de bailar

  • Don’t forget to vote for victon on music shows!! Especially mwave, idol champ & whosfan!

  • ALICEs let’s discuss!! What’s your favourite scene from the mv?

    • Boom boom part, chan's , and seungsik on the horse

    • Seungsik’s scene

  • I love youuuu mv

  • Apaixonada por essa música . Os talentos do ot7 uau! A beleza do ot7 é as 7 maravilhas do mundo!

  • 빅톤 사랑해

  • Kusucam artık diyorum ama hala dinlemeye devam ediyorum...

  • I love how everyone is beyond feeling themselves. They know how good they look and sound

  • Hanse rap is the sooo powerful!! 😍

  • mm what, SOTY?

  • AMÉN! 😍🔥Who is the one with the red jacket and grey hair??

    • hii the guy at 1:11 is im sejun, the visual and lead vocalist of the grp!!! other than his visuals, he has a really nice voice too and u can check out his solo song in their first full album called Utopia on Spotify! you won't regret it :)

  • This is gold!!! OMG! What a great comeback!!!! 🔥👀❤️

  • Victon is here, the future is now!

  • alice are you still streaming? :/

    • @heochanyeol I did like that too. But sometimes I watch them on variety as mood booster especially Chan's old jokes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • @Hana Haru yup tho i havent kept up with some of their new variety show content yet bc im focusing on streaming the mv and the broadcasts

    • Yes! I watch it everyday with other contents. Especially the comeback stage , fancam and variety contents. Have you checked it yet?

    • yesssss fighting!!

  • Masterpiece indeed!

  • Nobody can deny that sejun is the hottest here🔥🔥🔥

  • What I said is worth to be in everyone’s playlist!

  • Say woo! This is so catchy!

  • Fãs brasileiros. ......curtem

  • Would recommend this song to any kpop stan!

  • Victon has been pretty under the radar for me. But man, this song is dope!

    • yesss glad u like it!! they have other dop songs too like mayday, nostalgic night, howling time of sorrow etc etc. do check their other mvs out! you won't regret it :)

    • I agree the song is great ^^

  • I like it ❤️

  • Nobody can deny that this is one of the best mv. Victon, I’m so proud of you.

  • Nobody can deny that Victon is one of the top boyband groups in kpop industry!

  • เพลงของวงคนหล่อ

  • Alices are so lucky to stan for Victon!

  • ปกติฟังเพลงซ้ำจะเบื่อมาก​ แต่เพลงนี้ดีจริง​ แค่ดูฉากก็เพลินแล้ว​ ไหนจะเสียงซึงชิกกะเซจุนอีก​

  • เพลงติดหูมาก​ ชอบpartของเจซุนที่สุดเลย

  • They improved so much

  • 2:06 was the best part to me uwu

  • Popular Opinion: Everyone wants to see VICTON in real life.

  • Remember about watching comeback stages!

  • They are great the one that sing third and second and first

  • team VICTON! !!

  • cadê as br's daqui????????? ❤

  • Love you 1theK🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Seungwoo(´▽`)ノ Victon(*'▽'*) Fighting♡♪

  • Victon!!!!!!!

  • boom boo

  • please someone make more people see these talented boys. they deserve all love!

  • 🙏🙏 please watch official MV on Victon channel too and other music show stage .. don’t forget to vote in IDOLCHAMP and Mcountdown mwave prevoting ... they have no win yet in other music chow beside the show only .. at least let have them 1 win..this comeback

    • Fighting fighting fighting! Oh I don't know what to say again. I just wanna give that energy to meㅠㅠ

  • 419 701~~

  • Wow amo la voz del chico de pelo verde 😍 (Porfa diganme su nombre, recién los conocí por este vídeo)

    • Han seungwoo Debut solo title sacrifice Álbum fame 10/9/2020

  • Ainda vindo aqui todo dia porque esses meninos merecem o mundo !!!

  • I found this song by accident while streaming (G)-IDLE's "Hwaa". I L O V E I T T !!!! i think i'm stanning now.

    • glad you like their song!! they have other awesome songs as well like howling, time of sorrow, nostalgic night and SUPER funny varieties like dingo on BRdown. do check them out :)

    • Thank you ...🙏🙏 please watch official MV on Victon channel too and other music show stage .. don’t forget to vote in IDOLCHAMP and Mcountdown mwave prevoting ... they have no win in other music chow beside the show only .. at least let have them 1 win..

  • 417 538

  • Agak spanyol2 gimana gtu ya hehe

  • 416 444

  • This is a masterpice !!!!!❤️👄❤️

  • str3am and vote alice! i believe in us

  • BOP! I love it! Special mention: this guy uff...1:21

    • @gamelittle @Yona Ramadhani Thank you ♡

    • Hey, there! I want to introduce you about member of Victon~ 00:00 Han Seung Woo (lead rapper, lead vocal, lead dancer, ex-leader, 94 liner) 00:37 Do Han Se (main rapper, lead dancer, song writer, 97 liner) 00:45 Choi Byung Chan (vocalist, visual, 97 liner) 00:52 Jeong Su Bin (rapper, vocalist, maknae of group, 99 liner) 1:11 Kang Seung Sik (main vocal, leader, 95 liner) 1:19 Im Se Jun (lead vocal, visual, face of the group, 96 liner) 1:56 Heo Chan (main dancer, vocalist, 95 liner) Fandom: Alice I'll recommended you all my favorite songs: - I'm Fine (debut song) - Unbelievable - Remember Me - Petal - Hands Up - Howling - Light - New World - Because I Love You - Blank - What Time is It Thank you for w4tch1n9 ^^~

    • He's Lim Sejun. Check out his solo 'utopia' is from this album and participated on the song

  • 414 540

  • 412 308

  • endorphin yeahhh

  • 411 659

  • sa

  • 410 917

  • 409 748

  • Não deixe de votar idolchamp

  • 올라운더 #한승우

  • 409 180

  • 409 180

  • Fighting!!! Alice

  • 406 995

  • What I Said is sooooo good!!!! Fighting for our Victon!!!!!^^

  • Seungwoo(^_-)-☆ Victon(๑'ᴗ'๑) Fighting♬♡

  • Victonヽ(*´▽)ノ♪ Every member is talented and so cool♪ Fighting hoping the 1st Win☆★

  • Ok fuck you Sangwoo. I have simped* for too many dewds this year :0😭💖

  • Vamos lá Alices

  • Talentos,vocais,raps,dança tudo impecável!

  • Carisma transbordante! Talentos transbordante! Visuais as 7 maravilhas do mundo!

  • Victonヽ(*´▽)ノ♪ Excellent performers☆★☆★☆★☆

  • Vote for app starplay

  • Fighting !!Alice

  • Don't forget to str3@m their performance stage and please vote them :))

    • Fighting! Don't forget relay dance, gapcrush, stage break, fancam, variety too. Wooaah!!!

  • Seseeee killleeeeed itttttt💜💜💜💜💜🖇

  • Omgggggggggggg🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Lets go for 500k!!! Fighting!!!